My projects

If you find the code on this page useful or interesting, please say hello via e-mail. It would be nice to know if anyone actually ever even sees these =)

sigwinch unblocker

sigfix v2 (linux/debian) - A workaround for debian aptitude bug which prevents sigwinch from reaching programs over ssh, read more at Debian bug report, SIGWINCH block is inherited by installed package processes. This bug prevents window resizing from updating over ssh to a broken sshd, because the sigwinch signal is blocked. You can fix it by restarting sshd from a physical console, but if ssh is the only way, then download this. usage:

gunzip sigfix.c.gz
gcc -o sigfix sigfix.c

then in the new prompt run: /etc/init.d/ssh restart
and the problem should be solved.


movewindow 0.2 (win32) - a command line program to move a window to a specific x,y location. Features wildcard title matching. Made this for mass starting programs in a batch file so you can batch position them. v0.2 adds ability to start a program in a specific location. Package contains sourcecode.

Picture gallery PHP

picgal 1.1 (php/web) - A Picture gallery php with user counting, might be a bit difficult to set up but works well enough for a quick hacktogether. Now also includes thumbnail view and html 4.01 validity. Includes updated PHP Counter 1.1.

PHP Visit Counter

PHP Counter 1.1 (php/web) - A Visitor counter php I made (you can see it in action on the main page). Counts both unique visits and loads (logs ip's for unique counting, not suitable for humongous sites since its textfile based with no locking). Its rather crude but gets the job done for smaller sites.


command.tcl v0.5 (eggdrop/irc) - Public commands script for the eggdrop bot. I'm working on the 1.0 version which includes a more modular system for adding new commands.

My "Universal" Makefile (.cxx/.c)

Makefile 1.3 (make/code) - My base Makefile that I often copy to my projects as a starting point. Fully automated for .cxx/.c-projects, just drop it in, change executable name and it should compile.

Other software

Miscellaneous software made by others. I've mirrored these here mostly if the site looks a bit like it might disappear and I consider the utility useful. You should always check the original website first, it might have a far newer version.

netcat 1.11 [22/03/2006] (Windown) - a network utility for windows. from Netcat for windows page. Instructions for using netcat to test network speed
daemon tools 3.47 [16/01/2005] (winblows) - an imagedrive software (let's you mount cd images as disk drives). lives at

Process Explorer - this nifty little application lets you see a whole another level of information on running processes, all free of charge. (a handy trick is when you're getting the "File is currently in use" error when trying to delete, just ctrl-f in ProcExp and it'll find processes that are accessing said file)

//deice at daug dot net