Here are some guides I have written on miscellaneous subjects, both for personal use and to help out others who encounter the same problem. I only write something up here if the task was non-trivial to find info on google, so STFG! These guides also assume that you know you stuff, i'm not writing a For Dummies book here. So beware.

Linux administration

Preventing Debian apt package management from overwriting Nvidia binary driver

As many of those who want to have graphics acceleration know, to get peak performance you have to install the vendor binary driver, even if you hate non-OSS stuff.

The problem with Debian was that whenever xserver-xorg-core package is updated, it also breaks your Nvidia binary drivers glx acceleration, causing graphics intensive programs to grind to a halt. Yes, there is a debian package for the binary driver, but its an ancient version even in testing. Theres little documentation anywhere regarding how to prevent the problem, but I found out a way. The problem is that the following file is overwritten with a different driver:


In the Nvidia driver manual install this should be a symbolic link to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extension/$(DRIVER_VERSION)

Preventing this overwrite is actually very simple, as many things are once you find the way. Simply command

sudo dpkg-divert /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/

This forces the dpkg tool to always write this package as, preventing the overwrite and hence preventing any problems.

For variation, you can also redirect the file for a specific package, see man dpkg-divert for the switches.

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