Some interesting sites

irc-galleria - A place hosting pictures of people on IRC. Even I have some pictures of myself in this teenish place.
google - An excellent search engine
wikipedia - The online encyclopedia. (check my Wikipedia userpage)

sysmetrix - lots of nifty little utilities for windows.


irssi - The best irc client for UNIX platforms. Also simply the best irc client.
mirc - An irc client for win32
eggdrop - An irc bot that I used to develop scripts for. (and the BEST irc bot also :)
jabber - An excellent IM network. OpenSource, so there are plenty of clients. It's also based on an interconnected open server infrastructure like email, so it doesn't have all the problems of proprietary software. Many servers also run MSN, ICQ, AIM etc gateways, so you can talk to friends on other networks as well.


UnxUtils - an excellent package for win32 containing native versions of grep, ls, wget etc. makes win32 console almost useable :)
rTorrent[Linux] / uTorrent[Windows] - excellent bittorrent clients for both platforms, recommended.

linux distributions:

Debian GNU/Linux
Redhat Linux

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