picture of deice

name: Arne Pajunen
nick: deice, arune
age: 35.6 years
country: Finland


I'm a finnish computer programmer. I'm studying in Lappeenranta University of Technology for a Master of Sciences degree in Computer Science at the Department of Information Technology. I'm starting to get far enough to actually learn something on top of stuff I knew from experience at my own projects. Recent interesting course have included Computer and Robot Vision and Pattern Recognition.

I have toyed with various projects like Eggdrop IRC bots and Tcl-scripting to go with them. I've also learned 3D graphics for demos, which are kind of like short computer animations but rendered in realtime and putting some more weight on the coding of effects. I've also been involved in various other computer-related projects.

I often drink coffee and program with known languages I've used including C/C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Tcl, TTCN-3, Bash and I've come into some contact with Python, JavaScript, Lua, QBasic, Basic, Assembler, Perl and a plethora of others :)

Sometimes I relax and play computer games together with my friends at LAG (Lappeenranta Academic Gamers). I'm usually on IRC whenever I'm home and you can reach me there at IRCNet channel #kline under the nickname deice. I idle on plenty of other channels, but that one I follow regularly (due to it being my own channel).

In addition to doing everything imaginable under the sun with computers, I often play badminton and visit the local gym. I'm also sometimes seen rollerblading during the summer if the weather is favorable, and during the winter I prefer downhill skiing and snowboarding, which it is depends on the size of the slope. On long slopes and powder snow I love to snowboard, but for shorter slopes in small skiing centres I usually downhill ski since its such a bother to attach and detach the board every time going down.

The picture is from my summer cottage during Juhannus 2008 (Midsummer's Day). It was taken with a E90 mobile phone camera.

//deice at daug dot net